Finally 21. But first let me take a selfie #step #oldalready




This is probably the only photo of sex that I will ever reblog. I feel like it reminds people that sex is something special, and precious. You are being put into your most vulnerable stage and devoting yourself to your partner. Nobody should commercialize sex, the meaning and beauty will just be lost.

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When the clock strikes 12

'Cause you're my Cinderella
We’re two birds of a feather
I’ll even sing to you acapella
You’re so hella good looking tonight
My Cinderella
Whenever you need some shelter
We can stand under my umbrella
Need no fortune teller to say it’s forever with you
Oh, I know it’s forever with you


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Since I didn’t have any idea what to do with all this, I made two dishes for dinner! Chicken with Dijon butter sauce and macaroni saux viarge!

How The Hookup Culture Makes Me Feel Less Human

This is so true :/ sad truth

Mornings be like.. Messy bed, guitar and some tabs


Squirrel and flower by Andre Villeneuve

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Tartelettes aux pommes

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